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Charity Bequests

If you have ever considered leaving money to charity in your will then you are not alone. New research by Smee & Ford has revealed that some 15% of wills include a charitable bequest and that this figure is on the rise. Given the time taken to finalise probate, figures for 2015 not yet available;…

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Balancing charity giving with bequests

One of the “surprises” of the 2011 Budget was the announcement that the Government intended to reward those who leave money to charity after their death. Effectively the Inheritance Tax Charitable Relief scheme allowed those leaving 10% of their estate to charity would receive tax relief of the equivalent amount. The consultation process aimed at…

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Calculating an Inheritance

The recent HMRC investigations into small business tax, including that of plumbers and restaurants, have received fairly wide publicity. However, according to accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young, there is another area which HMRC have been quietly spotlighting over the past year and that is inheritance tax. Over the course of 2010 HMRC investigated 9,368 inheritance…

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