Scam HMRC Emails

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has again warned about scam emails on its latest blog for tax agents

HMRC reminds us that it does not matter what the subject concerns, whether it’s for tax credits, PAYE notices and/or any reminders regarding a tax payment or refund, it will NEVER send an email asking us to disclose personal or financial information.

Scammers are now starting to use the HMRC logo and becoming ever more sophisticated.

Apart from looking out for poor grammar and spelling mistakes, some of the key things to watch out for include the following:

  • Incorrect email address – You should check the “from” address. Fraudsters often try to create email addresses which appear to be genuinely from HMRC‎, for example, “”.
  • Bogus website‎ – Scam emails will often include links to bogus websites, which appear to be HMRC, but which will not be and instead will ask for personal information.
  • Urgent Action required – Often the fraudsters ask you to take some immediate action. Watch out for phrases like “you only have 3 days to reply” or “urgent action needed”.

Overall, we all need to be increasingly vigilant and on guard, particularly around key tax filing and payment dates.

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