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Inheritance Tax Planning – Save 40% Today!

It is fair to say that, even with the current economic crisis and its negative impact on house prices, we have now reached the situation where inheritance tax impacts a wide range of families and is certainly no longer the preserve of the rich.

There is a quote that inheritance tax is “a lifelong comfort for the rich in the assured knowledge that it will be avoided to pamper more the pampered offspring“. But good inheritance tax planning (indeed any tax planning for that matter) need not be limited to the uber-wealthy. The problem is often that those families who are caught by the inheritance tax trap and who certainly do not fall within the “super rich” bracket either do not engage professional advisers or, as can more often be the case, do not have advisers who are proactive to their needs and can add real value.

Our excellent inheritance tax planning technique has the following key features and benefits:

• 100% mitigation from inheritance tax;

• 100% success rate;

• allows an individual’s residential home to be taken out of their estate for inheritance tax purposes and they can still continue to live in it;

• most forms of inheritance tax planning require a number of years (7 years) before the assets become exempt from inheritance tax. This structure achieves the same result within 5 days;

• the planning can be utilised as either death bed or general estate planning; and

• unlike most other structures, this technique allows the client to retain control of their assets and any income generated from such assets throughout their lifetime.

Without any form of inheritance tax planning, those who are subject to inheritance tax would see their estates (above the nil rate bands) diminished by 40%.

This planning can be set up very quickly, allows an individual to retain control of, and benefit from any income produced by, their assets and means that 100% of their wealth can be left to their intended beneficiaries (resulting in far more pampering time).

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