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Archive for April 2016

Charity Bequests

If you have ever considered leaving money to charity in your will then you are not alone. New research by Smee & Ford has revealed that some 15% of wills include a charitable bequest and that this figure is on the rise. Given the time taken to finalise probate, figures for 2015 not yet available;…

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SME Tax – Every penny counts

Calling all small businesses, freelancers and consultants: how vigorously do you calculate your expenses claims? No I’m not talking about over-claiming; quite the contrary, I’m talking here about all those small expenses which many of you seemingly don’t even bother to put on your expenses forms. Research amongst micro businesses, freelancers and sole traders by…

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Tax changes hit gift aid

In our March article ‘Use it or lose it’ we commented about the way in which changes in the 2016/17 tax year could affect gift aid. This is such an important subject, particularly for charities and for those who make regular donations, that it deserves an article on its own. Let’s start by looking at…

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5 Star Review for Newshams Tax Advisers

We love exceeding our clients’ expectations and really appreciate the reviews and testimonials from our delighted clients. Our good friend Kamal Harris at Division 1 Marketing (http://division1marketing.com/) / kamal@division1marketing.com has kindly put together an amazing testimonial video which you can check out below: We look forward to helping you with your tax planning needs and exceeding…

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The Panama effect

There is a fine line between legitimate tax planning and tax evasion. In fact, over the last few years it could be said that the line is becoming ever thinner as governmental and public pressure encourage individuals and organisations not simply to obey the letter of the tax law but add a moral layer to…

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