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Archive for December 2011

2011, a taxing time

As we say goodbye to 2011 and start digesting the many hundreds of pages which make up the draft legislation for the 2012 finance bill; it is perhaps worth taking stock of the year just past and reflecting on what this might mean for the future of taxation. For many, 2011 was the year of…

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Property tax evasion taskforce

Earlier this month, HMRC announced the launch of a task force wit the brief of tackling “tax evasion on property transactions in Greater London”. The taskforce is to target cases where there is a deliberate failure to comply with the Option to Tax regime. The Option to Tax regime basically allows the supply of land…

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EU Threatens Swiss deal

At the end of August we reported on the historic Swiss-UK tax deal which was designed to put an end to tax evasion via Swiss investments whilst maintaining the cherished secrecy of such accounts. This deal was structured to include a one-off payment from Swiss banks to the UK followed by a regular collection of…

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